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Can the Country Be Saved?

It is 2010 as Congresswoman Barbara Pellegrino and her chief of staff enjoy another passionate tryst together in what they believe is a secure love nest. But what they do not know is that Michael Middleton and Harry Reason, friends of the newly elected rogue president, are in the midst of conducting electronic surveillance that they hope will destroy Barbara’s political dreams and eventually make Reason’s single daughter, Candy, the first female president instead. But first, Candy must be appointed as the president’s national security adviser—and find a suitable mate.

After the president agrees to play cupid for Candy and Princeton professor Brad Jenkins, a nongovernmental entity to fight terrorism is formed. When two women working for Middleton accidentally enter the back door of a terrorist website, he seeks help from Jenkins, a Middle East expert. When their collaboration leads to the discovery of a secret plot to make Pellegrino the president and a vast conspiracy by five billionaires to radically transform the country, Middleton and Jenkins reluctantly join forces to stop the dark mission. Now the unthinkable must be performed without the American public ever knowing—and it must be completed in 2017.

2017 is Available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle editions.

2017 is Available on Barnes & Noble in Hardcover, Paperback and Nook editions.


Scheming twin sisters attempt to be matchmakers. Their husbands thinking their plans too transparent, develop their own scheme which causes Michael Westin to read a book about a sixteen year old murder and make a startling discovery.

As he attempts to prove the innocence of a man imprisoned fifteen years for murder, his discovery begins a chain of events that will lead from Bar Harbor to the Vice-President's mansion in Washington, D.C. and the disclosure of the secret lives of six people and an unimaginable deception which can never be revealed.


Required reading old boy,” his brother Tom had said. Required reading, bullshit, thought Michael Westin. Who the hell did Tom think he was fooling? There was no way that he was going to be of any help to anyone by reading a book.”
But as quickly as he had decided against reading it, he changed his mind. This had better be good, he thought as he picked the book up and started turning the pages.

By the early morning hours he had not only read the book about the crime of the century; but, in the process he had made a startling observation: Gordon Sheridan had actually confronted three people the night of the murder, not one as he had thought.

Deceptions is available on Amazon in Paperback & Kindle Editions

Deceptions is available on Barnes & Noble in Paperback Editions

Odyssey of the Heart

She was returning to England to get married. He had come to Greece to start a new life.

A chance encounter and an unintended figure of speech launches them on a nine day romantic journey. But the curve ball of life unintentionally opens doors to suppressed memories of their respective pasts.

As their journey becomes a voyage into the unforeseen, Tricia Sherwood and Jeffrey Owen are compromised by plans already made and difficult to change


After reading her note, he couldn't bear the thought of going to his room so he went to the cocktail lounge to have an early evening drink. The waiter, recognizing him and attempting to be friendly, inquired if he would like a martini and he had said yes, then felt a twinge in his stomach because it reminded him of their first drink. After he finished his martini, he switched to manhattans and had two or three, but nothing really changed. It was all in his mind he tried to tell himself, but his mind was working overtime retracing each step they had taken the past nine days. Time would help him get over it, he tried to tell himself, but part of that time was still being in Greece. So what he thought. What is Greece anyhow, but he knew better. It was her hair blowing wildly in the wind on Lykabettus. It was walking hand in hand through Plaka, or having a bottle of Retzina beneath the stars somewhere in the Aegean, or standing in the moonlight shadows below the Acropolis while looking down on the lighted city below.

Odyssey of the Heart is available on Amazon in Paperback & Kindle Editions

Odyssey of the Heart is available on Barnes & Noble in Paperback Editions

From Olympus

It seemed a good idea. When Paul Corbin left Greece in ten days, he would take with him, a copy of the master list of hiding places for the priceless antiquities hidden to prevent their being plundered after the anticipated German invasion, and deliver it to the Hellenic Foundation in America.

But the invasion of Greece would occur earlier than anticipated, and Corbin, an American archaeologist, and Victoria Winterton, an upper class British woman, would find themselves trapped on a small island with their lives in danger.

As they struggle to escape Greece, they will be faced with tremendous challenges, yet fall in love, and become responsible for the largest rescue of British soldiers since Dunkirk while also becoming burdened with a personal secret they could never reveal

"Then, what's all this Major Corbin business?,” Asked Paul. “ You know damned well that I'm not a Major so why all the BS?"
"Au contraire old chap, but I'm afraid you are."
"How? That's impossible, particularly inasmuch as I've never volunteered for service as was suggested."
"Oh," replied Howard with a fiendish smile. "I'm afraid old chap that you were dragooned. You didn't have to do anything."
"Dragooned? By who?"
"By higher authority. It Seems the Prime Minister and your President did a little colluding. It was the only way to solve a problem."
"A problem? What problem?"
"You and my dear sister. You see old chap, every society since the dawn of modern man has needed its heroes, particularly in times of war. And as you can imagine, considering everything, we've needed ours, particularly the way things have been going of late. But the heroes needed to be ours, not American or half and half, particularly with America being neutral. That's why the Prime Minister decided that the way to solve the problem was for you to have volunteered and your President was in complete agreement. After all, it made perfect sense inasmuch as your wife and mother are both English."

From Olympus is available on Amazon in Paperback & Kindle Editions

From Olympus is available on Barnes & Noble in Paperback Editions

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